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Making changes easier – Tibdiliet maghmulin ehfef. This is the slogan adopted by the executive of GUG whose main aim us to facilitate the lives of Gozitan students. This slogan reflects the changes in the Gozitan students’ lifestyle, which can be challenging at times.

GUG (Gozo University Group) originated in the 1980s and was then officially recognised in 1987 as a student organization by the Senate of the University of Malta. Since its foundation, GUG has expanded to become more useful and flexible. It became the sole voice for Gozitan youths, students on campus and on a national level, doing its best to work for their interest and safeguard their rights The Group tries to cater for the particular problems and needs which students may encounter.

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Gozo News

  • Gozo Christian Music Festival this weekend at the Don Bosco Oratory
    ‘The Gozo Christian Music Festival’ concludes this coming weekend, organised for the first time by the Don Bosco..Read more...

  • European Social Fund: investing €132 million in human capital in Malta
    The European Commission has adopted the Maltese Operational Programme “Investing in human capital” financed by the European Social..Read more...

  • MHS lecture: ‘A History of the Holy Water Stoup in Malta’ by Maria Cassar
    The Malta Historical Society is holding its next public lecture for 2015. Entitled: ‘A History of the Holy..Read more...

  • In Malta & Gozo a baby with major birth defects is born every 3 days
    In Malta and Gozo, a baby with one or more major birth defects is born every 3 days...Read more...

GUG News

Another achievement for the Gozitan Student Read article »

GUG orgainised its annual informative meeting to all Gozitan prospective students, that as from next October will further their studies in Malta. The ...

Press Release: GUG met with, MEP Dr. Miriam Dalli Read article »

Members of the Gozitan University Group met with MEP Dr. Miriam Dalli to discuss issues that affect the Gozitan students. This was not the first time ...

Candidates who registered to receive their MATSEC IM/AM result by SMS will be receiving it over the coming hours. Read article »

Candidates who registered to receive their MATSEC IM/AM result by SMS will be receiving it over the coming hours. The official result slips will be re ...

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